June 14, 2024

AFG has developed a complete set of products and services to augment the capabilities of your investment process and harnesses the unique insights of our Economic Margin framework to help you make more informed investment decisions.


AFG’s web based Equity Insights platform enables Portfolio Managers and Analysts to quickly find and evaluate investment ideas, calibrate models & expectations, along with a suite of tools to diagnose client portfolios.

Select Features and Benefits:
  • Company Profile – Quickly gauge the attractiveness of the company and benchmark against peers to compare valuations, momentum and quality.
  • Value Expectations and Fundamental Company Analysis – Model various scenarios to calculate an intrinsic value using your own insights or stress test the sensitivity of the company and quantify the embedded expectations of a company’s price.
  • Idea Generation and Screening – With one click of a button identify replacement ideas to the company you are analyzing.  Alternatively build screen choosing an Index or custom universe to filter down on companies that meet your criteria.
  • Portfolio Analysis – Enhance portfolio performance by identifying wealth destroyers, value traps and eliminating potential torpedoes in a portfolio
  • Market Intelligence – Identify pockets of mispriced stocks in a particular segment of the market that exhibit high or low expectations.   Gain insights on how various variables have done historically and more recently to understand markets and the performance of your investment thesis.


Completely customize your research process through AFG’s Excel Add-in. The add-in will enable you to access any data from our website in an Excel spreadsheet.  You can download our pre-built templates such as the factor model, proforma builder and portfolio analysis report or you can leverage the functions and programmability of Excel to design your custom spreadsheet.


AFG provides unique insights and perspectives on 25,000 companies in over 70 countries.   This enables us to provide you with an enhanced relative ranking system that not only benchmarks your investments against companies in the U.S. but also against companies globally.


AFG offers custom consulting services to fine-tune or develop a rigorous investment process.  AFG can review portfolios, analyze concentrated positions and work with investment committees to build an investable universe that adheres to specified tolerances.


Depending on the needs of clients such as hedge fund or quantitative firms.  AFG offers custom FTP data feeds to test all of our historical data along with weekly/monthly file updates.


AFG’s Research Portfolios incorporate a consistent disciplined research process to provide actionable buy ideas in each major sector.  Each portfolio is constructed through a time tested systematic approach to identify ideas and a qualitative analysis to ensure that each holding/addition passes our test.  Clients can use it as a turnkey solution or to augment their existing portfolios.

Portfolios Include: 
  • AFG 50 – A focused group of 50 stocks designed to consistently outperform the S&P 500 index. The AFG 50 is long-only, with targeted annual turnover below 40%. It is sector-neutral relative to the S&P 500, and is rebalanced every quarter.
  • High Dividend Portfolio (HD) – A Focus List of undervalued equities that offer attractive dividend yields. The list is diversified across 11 sectors with no sector accounting for more than 30% of the total stock count. AFG’s HD Focus List includes 25-35 names at a given point of time depending on the availability of attractive candidates. This list targets an annual turnover of 50% or lower, and is rebalanced every quarter. Returns are calculated on an equal weighted basis and benchmarked against the Russell 1000.
  • AFG 100 – A focused group of 100 stocks designed to consistently outperform the Russell 2000 index. The AFG 100 is long-only, with targeted annual turnover below 80%.  It is sector-neutral relative to the Russell 2000, and is rebalanced every quarter. We created the AFG100 to compliment the AFG50, which is a large market capitalization oriented portfolio aiming to outperform the S&P500 index.

To learn more about The Applied Finance Group and receive 15 days complimentary access to our suite of research and applications, click here.


“Having been a user since almost day one, I have seen your research service continue to improve and it has become a more important part of my investment process. Having seen firsthand the importance of the direction of Economic Margins, this factor is now part of my quantitative ranking model. One of the more important uses is the role it plays in questioning management/analyst projections – are they realistic based on previous results, can the company actually deliver with the present asset base, etc.”

Private Portfolio Manager
Company Confidential – Over 56 Billion AUM


“Not only does AFG provide our firm with actionable valuation recommendations on individual equities, but AFG’s risk and earnings quality analysis also provides us with a valuable tool for locating the most attractive corporate debt investment opportunities.”

Keith P. Duet, CFA l Chief Investment Officer
Asset Planning Services, Inc. – Over $200 Million in AUM


“I have used the AFG tool set for over 7 years and it has become my single most valuable source for fundamental financial data. The website, screening tools, value expectations model, the Excel Add In feature and AFG download templates provide extensive and comprehensive data on thousands of companies. Users can create custom spreadsheets to measure, rank and highlight the metrics that drive their portfolio construction process. The proprietary AFG metrics alone are worth the price of admission for portfolio managers of the value andGARP persuasion. A serious tool for serious PM’s.”

Russell A. Rabito CPM® l Managing Director – Investments
UBS Wealth Managment – Over $2 Billion in AUM