May 28, 2024

Separate the noise and clutter of data and simplistic ratios. Get clarity with AFG’s Equity Insights platform designed for Portfolio Managers and Analysts to leverage our disciplined framework and tools in making better investment decisions. AFG’s complete set of analytics help augment the capabilities of your investment process and harnesses the unique objective insights of our Economic Margin framework and research engine.

Select Features and Benefits:

  • Company Profile – Quickly gauge the attractiveness of the company and benchmark against peers to compare valuations, momentum and quality.
  • Value Expectations and Fundamental Company Analysis – Model various scenarios to calculate an intrinsic value using your own insights or stress test the sensitivity of the company and quantify the embedded expectations of a company’s price.
  • Idea Generation and Screening – With one click of a button identify replacement ideas for the company you are analyzing. Alternatively build screens choosing an Index or custom universe to filter down on companies that meet your criteria.
  • Portfolio Analysis – Enhance portfolio performance by identifying wealth destroyers, value traps and eliminating potential torpedoes in a portfolio
  • Market Intelligence – Identify pockets of mispriced stocks in a particular segment of the market that exhibit high or low expectations. Gain insights on how various variables have done historically and more recently to understand markets and the performance of your investment thesis.